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Just FYI, The-Sarm website and community and SARM-RX are in partnership to bring you the same great products without interruption. In the recent past, SARMS-RX has come under scrutiny from governing bodies concerns which we believe is overreach and a detriment to out mission of providing quality legal products and a public service to our members.

In the near future, you can expect a harder push from The-Sarm as the SARMS-RX branding gets less exposure.

I want to express that The-Sarm, regardless of the name, is the same as what you have learned to trust and use from SARMS-RX.

Also, going forward we want to begin a compounding compound approach for our product line. This means simply that as an amateur or professional athlete, we take many different nutrients and not based on any single component. We realize this and are introducing The-Sarm Stack. These first four blends we believe are tailors as they are so named. In the future, we want to combine other components, not just SARM, but also peptides, aminos, and vitamins in one convenient package, where you research can see even MORE!!

We All Know it has been Long Covid 19 and we are with You on your new Beginning . Lets Focus on Enjoying a Happy Healthy 2021 and Beyond. Always new and Approved Research Products Updates and Sales ..